Belarusian Philosophical PRASTORA

Belarusian Philosophical Prastora. You are welcome! (Open the Space of Intellectual Freedom!)

You are welcome to open Belarusian Philosophical Prastora!


Belarusian Philosophical ‘Prastora’ (’Prastora’ means ‘Space’ in Belarusian) is a public platform (community of) for philosophy enthusiasts holding different views and professional backgrounds, yet seeking to popularize contemporary philosophy, intellectual debates and critical thinking among wider Belarusian audience. Organizational and administrative functions like planning of the forthcoming events are performed by Coordination Board. Prastora is a non-profit project, an organization with voluntary membership, it employs no other sources of financing for its activities except voluntary contributions.

More information about BPP’s conception and aims can be found in its Manifesto (link).


Prastora was established in December 2009 by a number of people who shared the same concern for the lack of non-institutionalized forms of public philosophical/intellectual events in Belarus.  Numerous contributors to Prastora include members of various educational institutions. Presently, Prastora  gets together contributors from various institutions of higher education and postgraduate research, i.e. Belarusian State University, European Humanities University, the Institute of Philosophy at the Belarusian Academy of Sciences, Minsk State Linguistic University, Belarusian State Technological University, etc., as well as  representatives of various public organizations  (NGO’s).


In its activities, Prastora pursue the following goals:

  • promoting popularity of philosophy both for intellectual communities and wider Belarusian public and increasing the level of intellectual and philosophical activities within  Belarus
  • increasing visibility of Belarusian philosophical/intellectual life for international audience
  • enhancing interaction and cooperation between philosophers and non-philosophers in Belarus (artists, historians, social scientists, political scientists, etc.) interested in the subject;

Projects & Events

Belarusian Philosophical Prastora operates in two main formats of work: 1) Projects which comprise ongoing meetings structured around specific themes (e.g.: the Laboratory) and 2) Events which imply short-term activities like public presentations, festivals, conferences, etc. If you have any suggestions for international projects/events, please contact

Projects Eligibility Criteria

The following criteria apply to projects that seek to be authorized within Prastora:

  • open discussion on the relevance of the project and participation of all the applicants;
  • information visibility, i.e. presenting all the projects on the web (publishing announcements and minutes of the meetings in any form, as well as the plans and schedules of the meeting);
  • presence of a conceptual/philosophical component.

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